The reasons of men for sex as a new subject

Famous couples therapist and author of the book the truth about deception, conducted a survey which asked a group of unfaithful men whether sex with her lover was better in physical terms he had with their wives. Nearly 70 percent said yes. For most, it is almost obvious that extramarital sex is synonymous with enjoyment. But it is not clear why lovers get as high marks. They are their ability to seduce and give pleasure better than the regular partner?

Not necessarily, says Rosa Guevara Quintero sexologist. What happens is that there are two components that enhance sexual encounters in this type of relationship: novelty and curiosity with nackte Frauen für dich. Precisely, the origin of many of these affairs “is that the custom and the monotony take over marriage”, says Guevara.

Experts say the same rule that is observed when the children have a new toy to apply when adults live a parallel relationship. Sexual chemistry is fired and everything seems to be more exciting, from a Kiss until their techniques in the sexual preamble. In this sense, there is “an illusion produced by expectation”, says the expert. But if the person lived with his lover while that with their partner are very high chances of that passion and excitement will become routine.

In an extramarital affair, it also more likely release and unleash you sexual fantasies more daring. When is of half love people avoid to put on the table these issues for fear of rejection or to be tried. In an extramarital relationship, on the other hand, the attitude of the couple is more risky because there are no strings attached.

In a marriage, there are accounts that pay, children who attend and share household duties. All that emotional charge between the couple gets to bed and interferes with the desire. It’s more fun and sensual lovemaking without the burden of responsibilities in a stable relationship. So in an affair in which there are no commitments or responsibilities lovers attitude is playful, child and carefree, a powerful blend that poured more fuel to the fire of passion.

The fact that these romances are secret also facilitates things. Further, some infidels prefer only to married women because risking his marriage for them increases the passion. The risk is one of the most important sources of pleasure of the extramarital affair and “be illegal makes it different, innovative and very attractive,” says Guevara.

People with some degree of narcissism also have more difficulty to integrate love and passion in a single relationship and therefore feel very at ease with their lovers. Likewise, those living relations of ambivalent attachment and not tolerate the vulnerability of intimacy with someone who is responsible “create a protective distance of your partner that makes them enjoy their adventures”, says Lawrence Josephs the psychotherapist in The New York Times.

Therefore it can be concluded that sex with lover is not satisfactory because that other person is better than the stable couple but by the circumstances surrounding the adventure. In the survey of Neuman also asked in what sense the lover was better and almost a third of them said to the other that made them feel wanted, loved, and appreciated. Confirms that the expert on sexuality Esther Perel, who notes that infidelity “is not about sex, is about a heiße nackte frauen. It is about desire, attention and reconnection with parts of itself that was believed lost”.

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Good Wisdom

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Staying hot

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